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  • Killian. Save Killian’s life
  • Get Gizmo’s confession
  • Stop Gizmo
  • Marcelles. Rescue Sinthia
  • Trish. Save Trish (4 and 6 o’clock)
  • Help Saul
  • (Part Skulz 1) Lars. Bust the Skulz gang
  • (Part Skulz 2) Steal Neal’s Urn
  • Phil. Solve Phil’s Canine Conundrum (Feed the dog)
  • Doc Morbid basement.

Bad karma quests:

  • Kill Neal
  • Kill Killian


  • Guard the caravans

Notable characters

  • Ismark. Brotherhood, The Hub, Adytum Locations.
  • Saul. 5% Outdoorsman

Doc Morbid basement.

  • You could simply kill them all Doc Morbid, Gretch and guards.
  • Or after visiting the Hub, you could return and speak them out of his business.