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Level 1

Access computer with Science to configure robots to attack Large Pests.

Loading save after first time entering the base causing 3 mutants in front of the door to be dead. Looks like a bug.

Level 4

  • Sneaking for 4-th level with out getting you cought (yet) will give 2000XP. Even killing two mutants at level 3 before elevator does not count as “cought”.

Destroy the source of the Mutants

The yellow forcefields can be shut down for a minute by using Repair on their emitters (use Repair without tools), while the red ones can be run through at the cost of health. Both force fields can be destroyed by dropping an activated explosive close to them in the nearest hexagon.

Military aproach

There are two computer consoles behind a few yellow fields that can be hacked to take control of the base’s security systems. The Vault Dweller can alter the robots’ programming on the console near the elevator, and set their radio’s frequency to match the emitters and shut them down remotely in the far southeastern end of the level. Tampering with the robots will make them friendly, and changing the pest control to “large pests” will kill three mutants on the second level.

Infiltration solution

If the Vault Dweller wears robes when they walk into the outer military base map, they can trick the mutants into letting them pass, then pick the locked door without triggering the alarm. That will let them sneak down to the control room and destruct the installation without conflict.

Another approach is using a Stealth Boy and sneaking through, but keep in mind a high Sneak skill will be required as one cannot walk too close to the mutants or they will be detected. The Lieutenant, though, can see through the Vault Dweller’s disguise if talked to.


Use the terminal in the center of the overlook room to set the base to self-destruct. If the Vault Dweller’s Science isn’t high enough to decrypt the terminal, they should pick the second one from the bottom, which sets the timer to the longest possible duration and removes yellow force fields. Alternatively, a keycard from one of the techies can be used to automatically decrypt the codes.