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Rescue Tandi from the Raiders

  1. Defeat all of the Khans and break her out.
  2. Fight Garl in unarmed combat for her release.
  3. Purchase her from Garl.
  4. Intimidate Garl for her release (45% Speech required).
  5. Quietly kill the two guards at the rear of the building and pick the lock on Tandi’s cell.
  6. A male character with a Luck stat of 9 and wearing leather armor or using a Stealth Boy can be mistaken by the raiders for Garl’s father, whom he killed to take control of the Khans (50% chance). With at least 6 Intelligence and a Charisma or Speech check, the Vault Dweller can bluff Garl with this ruse and secure Tandi’s release.
  7. Use dynamite on the door to her cell.