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  • Irwin. Help Irwin
  • Find the missing caravans
  • Rescue Initiate from the Hub (Talus from Brotherhood can give you this quest)
  • Steal necklace from the Merchants
  • Decker. Dispose of merchant
  • Decker. Dispose of Jain
  • Justin Greene. Take down Decker
  • Clean out the Loan Shark
  • Find the Water Chip (Spend 1000 for +100 days and XP)


  • Guard the caravans

Bad karma quests:

  • Blackmail Iguana Bob

Lorenzo FLC

You can loan money up to 1000 chips. Then kill Decker. Lorenzo fight you and you can keep loan + safe items.

You need 63% lockpick (may be lower) + tools to get the safe.