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  • Torr. Guard the brahmin
  • Ardin. Rescue Smiley the Trapper
  • Whiskey Bob. Refuel the still
  • Slim. Kill the rat god

Notable Characters

  • Smiley. Can give a 1% to 6% increase in Outdoorsman skills.
  • Slim Picket. 5% worth of Outdoorsman can be bought for $100 or $50 (Outdoorsman < 29%)


Notable loot:

  • Combat knife. hidden in the pile of bones in Keeng Ra’at’s chamber
  • 10mm pistol. on the floor near the body of a trapper near Keeng Ra’at’s chamber


  • Guns and Bullets. Down to Buckner House.

Trapper Town

  • Fuel cell regulator.

Toxic Caves

  • One needs at least 50 Lockpick and 60 Repair to get into the bunker.