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I have been thinking on how to build your temple for maximum profit and clear speed. Which rooms are worth rolling to a different room and which are worth keeping. If you have any thoughts or differing opinions please feel free to tell me, always trying to be more efficient.

  • A tier rooms:rooms you take regardless of how many incursions you have left.
  • B tier rooms: rooms you take if they are already built to t1 or as needed for utility.
  • C tier rooms: rooms you take to overwrite rooms that are just not worth the effort.
  • D tier rooms: not worth doing due to either the time or risk associated with these rooms.

SSS tier room:

Apex of Atzoatl: Capable of dropping end game rare at any level make a connection here over anything.

A tier rooms:

Gemcutter’s Workshop / Department of Thaumaturgy / Doryani’s Institute: double corrupt gem.

Corruption chamber / Catalyst of Corruption / Locus of Corruption: double corrupt item.

Sacrificial chamber / Hall of Offerings / Apex of Ascension: League exclusive items.

Royal Meeting Room / Halls of Lords / Throne of Atziri: atziri has always been pretty easy so long as you build around the fight, well worth the rewards if only for the chance at a fragment.

Surveyors study / Office of Cartography / Atlas of Worlds: can’t go wrong with a map loot room, haven’t really noticed if the study will drop unconnected maps similar to Zana but that would make this room even more valuable.

Vault / Treasury /: currency. Nothing more to be said here.

Jeweller’s Workshop / Jewellery Forge / Glittering Halls: Has a chance to drop unique and rare jewellery from previous leagues on T3 such as talismans. Has a chance to spawn a rare chest on T3 that drops 3 uniques.

Storage room: has chests randomly filled with loot from other loot rooms and at higher levels can drop league specific uniques, despite the lackluster name this IS one of the best rooms to grab.

Tempest Generator / Hurricane Engine / Storm of Corruption: In case you haven’t noticed tempest do work on chests making this room worthwhile with radiating for increased drops or corrupting to farm 6L items. There have been a few questions on how tempests work. You stand in the circle and when it expires you or any mobs that were in it get a buff, while this buff persists any chests you open or mobs you kill drop corrupted items, or increased item find if its a radiating tempest.

Tier B rooms:

Splinter Research Lab / Breach Containment Chamber / House of Others: Breaches.

Hall of Mettle / Hall of Heroes / Hall of Legends: Timeless monolith.

Hatchery / Automation Lab / Hybridisation Chamber: Provide minions related items.

Explosives Room / Demolition Lab / Shrine of Unmaking: this room spawn breakables at higher levels that give decent amounts of currency, with the added bonus of explosives so you have both a safety net, and don’t have to backtrack.

Workshop / Engineering Department /: provides 15% IQ with little downside and affects chests making it very desirable in my opinion.

Shrine of Empowerment / Sanctium of Unity / Temple Nexus: a bit risky since this only affects connected rooms, but if you get it to tier 3 you more than likely have atleast 3 connections and atleast 1 other tier 3 out of it.

Tier C rooms:

Guardhouse / Barraks / Hall of War: provides 30% packsize with no downside, would place it in tier B but unless your doing high tier maps your probably not going to full clear.

Armourers Workshop / Armoury / Chamber of Iron: The best think you can get here are armour div cards, with a downside of 30% monster life. I generally skip this unless it’s tier 3. Has a chance to spawn a rare chest on T3 that drops 3 uniques of this unique type.

Sparring Room / Arena of Valour /: Same as armour workshop. It’s okay since you can get div cards but I would skip unless it’s t3. Has a chance to spawn a rare chest on T3 that drops 3 uniques of this room type.

Poison garden / Cultivar Chamber / Lightning Workshop / Omnitect Reactor Plant / Conduit of Lightning flame workshop/hackery: All of these are nice with largely ignorable downsides. That said, they do not gate the omnitect’s drops, so the best you you will get out of this room is leveling items due to crafting base rng. In addition to providing an amazing leveling/crafting item they are also what gate rare affix items dropped by the omnitect bumped them up since those items are the Entire reason we do the temple.

Tier D rooms:

Trap Workshop / Temple Defense Workshop / Defense Research Lab: this is by far the most dangerous room in the temple and also slows you down to a considerable degree by making you wait on spike traps. That said it also has some of the most desirable special mods. Whether it is worth the risk and added time is your decision but it isn’t for me due to the rng on both the mods and bases. does not gate the omnitects drops

Pools of Restoration / Sanctum of Vitality / Sanctum of Immortality: this will turn beefy rares into monsters comparable to red beasts. Don’t unless you have room for frost bomb. does not gate the omnitects drops.

Strongbox Chamber / Halls of Locks: Provide strongboxes.

Torment Cells / Torture Cages /: Tormented spirits.